Memo to the Normals: Reinforce Your Resolve, and We’ll Get There


As organized and well-funded protesters churn their feedback loop with the news media and strive to make the rest of us feel as if democracy is only legitimate when we lose, it’s difficult to argue with Kurt Schlichter:

The left’s strategy is simple – deny normal Americans normalcy. After all, that’s what we really want, a return to normal. We haven’t experienced real normal since the Democrats denied the legitimacy of W’s election in 2000 – you know, during one of those time frames when denying the legitimacy of the president was cool, a phenomenon that coincidentally only occurs whenever a Republican wins. Then came 9/11 followed by 15-plus years of botched wars and economic decline, along with an unprecedented cultural offensive against normal Americans. Once the only place you heard that average Americans were racist sexist homophobic everythingist everythingphobic was on college campuses; now, with the active assistance of Obama and his collaborators, it’s everywhere – in our entertainment, in the media, in our faces. …

So how will they do it? Constant resistance at every turn. They will ignore norms and rules – remember, norms and rules are only supposed to constrain us. They will lie, cheat, and engage in any conduct that they believe will help their hateful cause. A huge part of the progressive effort will go toward policing their own for any weakness or faltering in their lockstep opposition to everything Trump and the GOP do. Take that, Springsteen cover band! How dare you perform the Boss’s hackneyed anthems for the president? The good thing is we will get to watch four to eight years of the left devouring itself. I’m already stockpiling the popcorn.

Remembering that it worked with President Bush, the Left, with its pipeline to activist billionaires and left-wing organizations ultimately funded through tax dollars (such as labor unions), will attempt to make civic dialogue and politics so painful that Americans will look for an off-ramp from the ire, even if it’s somebody predictably terrible like President Obama.  Then the Left will change gears with the message, “See, isn’t it so much more peaceful now?  Now you just have to accept our incremental restrictions of your rights.”  Hopefully, the Obama Era taught us that they’ll never leave us alone; we’ll never be able to capitulate enough.  Give them power, and they won’t go away; they’ll use it against us.

It’s all so predictable.  That being the case, let’s try some fortitude.  Let the Left burn itself out, as it surely will.  Mosquitoes can drive families indoors during beautiful summer evenings because no matter how much one sticks it out, they won’t go away or be sated.  As human beings, progressives will lose steam, especially as us normals tire of their movies, fake news, and roadblocks and stop patronizing them.