Moderate Democrats’ Tepid Response to Their Biggest Threat


The most surprising thing about this article, which mentions “a backlash against progressive lawmakers in the East Bay,” is how limited the actions it describes are:

Democratic Lt. Gov. Dan McKee is joining a backlash against progressive lawmakers in the East Bay, endorsing an independent candidate over an incumbent Democratic House member, while in a separate race a retiring member of House leadership has backed a Libertarian over the Democratic nominee.

Progressives are working to undermine every policy that moderate Democrats profess to believe as well as to seize power.  Any observer can see that they struggle to play along with the comity game, which can be a good thing when they’re a small minority but, when they gain critical mass, will explode into a demand for 100% conformity.

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People who are more-moderate in their beliefs should be pushing back against progressives across the state, not just in a couple of races in the East Bay.

  • Joe Smith

    The best thing that can happen to the state GOP – besides a serious reform of its structure – is for progressives to win more. GOP folks should have been voting in droves for Regenburg. Honestly – has years of “moderate” Democrats in power lead to prosperity in the state?