Montanaro Investigation… Well, That Was Quick


I mentioned, yesterday, that John DePetro had different expectations for the likely outcome of the State Police investigation of state employee and labor-union prince Frank Montanaro, Jr., and his receipt of a college-tuition benefit to which he was dubiously entitled.  Existence of the investigation came to light early this week, with the subject having been interviewed on Friday.

Well, Tim White and Ted Nesi published this yesterday afternoon:

Just a day after confirming the investigation, the Rhode Island State Police said Tuesday they have completed their examination of a top State House staffer who got about $50,000 in free tuition, and forwarded their findings to the attorney general.

What might a quick resolution of the investigation mean?  It would seem that a law was either obviously broken or the State Police have passed along the nothing-to-see-here conclusion that I predicted.

We’ll see.

  • stuckinRI

    I would expect nothing other than the later, after all this IS Rhode Island and Montanaro knows ALL the right ‘guys’. The epitome of “I know a guy” at it’s finest.
    Expect the “nothing to see here folks, move along” conclusion from AD’s office (the AG knows LOTS of ‘guys’ too). And remember to pay your taxes, SOMEONE has to pay for Montanaro’s kids tuition (sorry Mr. Speaka, it ain’t ‘free’).

  • Max

    I wonder if Kilmartin had any inkling of how many of his buddy’s names would be crossing his desk when he announced his candidacy.