More Sales Tax and the Need for Opposition


They’ll never stop.  They always want more:

State tax officials are looking at expanding the state sales tax to cover digital products such as vender-hosted software, audio downloads, e-books and streaming services, according to a Department of Revenue request submitted to state budget officials.If approved, the proposal would require Apple’s iTunes, audio streaming site Spotify and video streaming service Netflix (which makes Stranger Things) to collect the state’s 7-percent sales tax on all transactions, including rentals, purchases and subscriptions.

The only way to stop this constant search for more of your money is to elect people who are willing to say that enough is enough, even as the large number of people who are wedded to government revenue for their livings or for their ideology scream and exploit the empathy that good people have for those who are less fortunate.

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Even mounting an electoral threat to Democrat Speaker of the House Nicholas Mattiello in Cranston produced the elimination of the car tax.  If people would support those who believe in the importance of emphasizing families and individual rights (starting with property rights), it would make a world of difference.  Whether the champions of freedom are running for office or merely advocating for change through political action or commentary, they come under fire often and every expression or support and donation (where applicable) reinforces their resolve.