New Oversight Chair Dropping Investigation of 38 Studios; AG Says End is in Sight


Monday’s must-read, the Political Scene, in the Providence Journal includes the news that

Rep. Patricia Serpa, the newly appointed chair-woman of the House Oversight Committee, says the days of the panel digging into the lingering mysteries of the 38 Studios debacle are over.

“I am going to pivot. I don’t want to regurgitate any more information about 38 Studios or election lines and voting lines,” …

It is disturbing and bad for Rhode Island that Chairwoman Serpa, presumably at the request of Speaker Mattiello, doesn’t want to expose the events and money trail that put state taxpayers on the hook for $89 million (minus some modest settlements in the civil cases).

In related news, Attorney General Peter Kilmartin tells GoLocalProv that

… the end of the 38 Studios investigation is in sight.

“I believe the state police are close to a wrap up,” said Kilmartin, though he said he couldn’t provide a specific time frame. “And we will see how that investigation ends up.”

The $89 million question there is, did the Attorney General allow a comprehensive investigation of all important aspects of the 38 Studios, including where all of the money, especially the fees paid to Gordon Fox’s crony Michael Corso, ended up? Or did he keep the focus on a side issue or two to avoid getting the full picture of what led up to this debacle, a comprehensive look that might cause embarrassment to and even criminal charges against friends currently or formerly in power?

  • oceanstater

    At least, good for Rep. MacBeth, no longer Oversight Committee chair, for testifying on behalf of her bill to suspend repaying 38 Studios, who noted the failure of the Oversight Committee to act as a reason the House Finance should. She and former AG O’Neill reminded the Committee of the insurance we bought, the high interest rates the bondholders are getting because of the risk, and they challenged the allegations our bond rating would suffer so much by not repaying the bonds. But I think it will take electing new leaders to make a difference.