No Room for Policy Disagreement in RI Politics


Assuming Cynthia Drummond’s sources told the truth for her Westerly Sun story, this is another example of political behavior we all know goes on in Rhode Island, but that our latest, blunter generation of political leaders see less reason to slather with rules of propriety:

A Jan. 28 meeting between Hopkinton Town Council President Frank Landolfi, Chariho Superintendent of Schools Barry Ricci and Rhode Island House Speaker Nicholas A. Mattiello was abruptly canceled because the town has voiced its opposition to truck tolls.  …

“[House Speaker Nicholas Mattiello’s Chief of Staff, Leo Skenyon] called me up and canceled, and he said ‘we’re not meeting tonight.’ I asked him why, and he said ‘because I read in the paper that you folks were against the tolls, so we’re not meeting today.’”

Down there in New Jersey, Governor Chris Christie was badly damaged, politically, but a scandal involving his staff’s making road closure decisions to punish a politician.  This is the same sort of behavior.

On one hand, it’s not healthy that we have this sort of political culture, in Rhode Island.  On the other hand, having that political culture laid out for all to see is the first necessary step for the people to start coming to their senses.

  • Phil Hirons Jr

    You’ll rue the day you disagreed with Da Speeka!

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    To quote Abraham Lincoln =►

    No matter how much cats fight there always seems to be
    plenty of kittens

  • ShannonEntropy

    Lincoln also said =►

    It’s a METAPHOR ,, Dumb-A$$ !!

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    I guess we missed the mark when nicknamed Carcieri the Don.