Not Really a Gotcha on Charitable Giving


Something in this headline from Politico raises a meta question:

Even putting aside the distinction between the president’s budget and the private donations of one of his secretaries, anybody who’s vaguely familiar with political philosophy would see that the implied gotcha of this headline is bogus.  Giving one’s own money to a charity is not at all inconsistent with reducing the compulsory charity of taxpayer funding to the same group.  (Yes, it’s deliberate that “compulsory charity” is any oxymoron.)

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So here’s the meta question:  Do the journalists who publish this sort of story not foresee this obvious response, indicating that they are reporting on subject matter without understanding how about half of their potential audience will see it, or are they framing stories mainly as an opposition party would, with the goal of hurting an elected official with whom they disagree?

  • Rhett Hardwick

    A high income friend has a wife that works for the state. He tells me that after taxes, her car to get to work, her clothes, etc results in no net gain to their income. Is that charity to the state?

    • Mike678

      More a win-win. If she didn’t work….car clothes, etc., would all rank in the cost column.