Noticing the Notice


I’ve met few other people for whom this sort of thing happens, but I totally lost my entire day trying to figure out what equation I wanted a spreadsheet to produce and then figuring out how to make it happen.  Blink of an eye… nothing else done.  Given my collapsed routine, today, I thought I’d take a post to thank Jane Nelson of Providence for the mention in her letter to the editor of the Providence Journal:

One of the best things about The Providence Journal is the Commentary pages, a must-read part of the daily routine. Most of the news has already been around on the Internet or the radio and television stations. But the in-depth reporting cannot be delivered in sound bites of a minute or two.

Without the Commentary pages, we would not have heard the whole story about the stand-off between the Providence city firefighters and Mayor Jorge Elorza. We would not have learned from Justin Katz about the lack of accountability among the various factions focused on schools, leading us to form our own opinions once we hear from both sides about the testing and outcomes.

It’s a continuing challenge (and, frankly, frustration) trying to expand the boundaries of the local news narrative to leave open the possibility that the conclusions that I believe to be correct might at least be plausible.  Often the opinion pages are the only route, so it’s nice to find them connecting from time to time.

  • ShannonEntropy

    The best thing for a news outlet about expressing themselves in “opinion” pieces is … you cannot get sued over “opinions”

    Write: “Shannon is an Idiot” … and I will sue you for slander ‘n defamation

    Write: ” I THINK Shannon is an Idiot” … well ,, that is just an opinion … so I can’t sue you. And I’ve heard much worse ,, believe me … and that’s just from my friends !!

    You also cannot be held liable if you “accidentally” mis·state “Facts”

    Like … Global Warming is Real
    … or there are 17 words in French for “Surrender”