ObamaCare’s Injustice and Millennials’ Position


Tom Rogan makes a point I’ve articulated before on the injustice of ObamaCare to the young:

The key problem takes root in Obamacare’s creation of an artificial price-premium on younger, healthier Americans. Obamacare imposed a 3:1 price ratio, which meant older Americans could only be charged three times the insurance premium of younger Americans. The problem with this regulation is that it has forced younger Americans to pay absurd premiums to unjustly subsidize their elders. And be under no illusions, this state of affairs is morally unjust.

It’s not just that older Americans have higher earnings and the potential to have saved more for their health needs, it’s that older Americans are about to get a great health deal anyway. Consider, for example, that the average Medicare recipient now receives three times more in lifetime out-payments from the government than what they paid into the program. Why shouldn’t near-Medicare age Americans be forced to pay a more proportionate cost for their healthcare?

Keeping young adults on their parents’ insurance until they’re 26 distributes the burden onto middle-aged, mid-career parents (while also reducing their kids’ incentive to take those first wobbly steps into full adulthood and out from under the comfort of their parents’ household budgets).  Then young, early-career adults get hit with the cost.  The beneficiaries are generally wealthier folks at the ends of their careers or in early retirement who are about to gain access to a government Ponzi scheme that, as Rogan notes, GenXers and younger generations are unlikely to enjoy.

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It’s a testament to the power of mainstream propaganda and government school brainwashing that Millennials are understood to be progressive followers of the Left-Democrat line.  But for four years or so, I could count myself a Millennial by some definitions, so I’m largely in the same boat as they are, and I’d insist to them that they’re being scammed.

Partisans flatter them with proclamations about the power of their voice and all that, but those same partisans understand that Millennials’ voice is even stronger in the market.  That’s why progressives have invested so many resources attempting to convince them that morality and fairness require them to rely on Big Brother government.

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