On Climate, It’s the Government That’s Acting Conspiratorially


Ted Nesi’s Saturday roundup column gives Rich Davidson, the spokesman for far-left-radical Democrat U.S. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, room to offer some spin related to the senator’s push to make a crime of disagreeing with him on climate change:

Simply denying climate change isn’t what Senator Whitehouse believes could violate federal law. Like courts found with tobacco companies, it can be a violation of the federal civil RICO statute when companies engage in an enterprise designed to mislead the public about the dangers of their products. The senator’s questions to the attorney general were to learn whether the Department of Justice is doing its due diligence to investigate whether fossil fuel special interests are leading a coordinated fraudulent effort to deceive the American people.

Two observations.  First, the entire effort, including Whitehouse’s public pronouncements and especially the hearing with the attorney general, is an excellent example of how government can make the process the punishment and use broad threats to chill speech and activity.  What company or organization wants federal law enforcement agencies rifling through its files or telling the public that it’s under investigation for potentially criminal activity?  This sort of “due diligence” is thug government.

Second, it doesn’t get nearly as much press coverage as it should — particularly when the media presents Whitehouse’s tyrannical overtures as just a bit of he-said-she-said politicking (at worst) — but in this entire controversy, it’s the government that looks like a more likely candidate for RICO investigations.  Consider, for example, the relatively minor matter of an Obama administration video promoting propaganda about how “climate change” is producing polar vortexes (i.e., how global warming makes winter colder).  When the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) requested through official channels that the video be corrected and then requested documents substantiating the refusal of that request, the White House Office of Science & Technology Policy (OSTP) engaged in a time-and-money wasting exercise to keep its documents secret, lying about the nature of the video.

Now, one could interpret the White House’s actions as evidence that it wants to hide its efforts to deceive the public, or one could interpret them as a bid by an over-sized organization that overspends its revenue by hundreds of billions of dollars every year to drain scarce resources among its ideological opponents.  Either way, Sheldon Whitehouse comes out looking objectively worse as a representative of the people of Rhode Island.

If only there were some way the news media could provide residents with an accurate picture of their junior senator and the schemes of which he’s a part…

  • Mike Rollins

    When you mention “news media,” are you referring to TV, and radio stations with government issued broadcast licenses to worry about keeping?

  • Justin Koch

    I know I would sleep better at night if the Competitive Enterprise Institute was able to tell the government what to do.

  • ShannonEntropy

    Of all the things that gravel me about living in Li’l Rhody — and it takes a LOT for me to use “gravel” as a veb — one of the worst is that we are stuck with this clown Whitehouse as a US Senator … he is essentially “Senator-for-Life” so there is no getting rid of him

    An affirmative Defense against any RICO charges who be evidence that the climate is in fact NOT warming and that a large number of respected scientists believe that Earth is about to enter a “mini”-ice Age


    Another would a Link to this great Global Warming skeptic web site =►


  • Rhett Hardwick

    I am reminded of “The Report From Iron Mountain” which suggested the “Space Race” of the 60’s and 70’s allowed the government to inject huge sums of money into the economy. This in a manner which would permit cessation, from time to time, without public uproar. As opposed, for instance to building hospitals. The public would rile at a bunch of unfinished hospitals. In other words, it was a tool of “Monetary Policy”. “Global Warming/Climate Change” permits the government to favor those which it wishes, with little fallout from failure, delay, or misfeasance. I note that “solar energy” companies in Massachusetts are now flopping, owing to the end of the government subsidy to homeowners.

    I suppose it could be said that we benefited, technologically, from the “Space Race”. The same may prove true again.