On Immigration, May We Reason in the Face of Emotion?


Richard August recently sent a letter to the editor of the Newport Daily News expressing a view that I’m not sure is permitted in Rhode Island:

The Border Patrol separates children under four conditions:

  • There is a suspicion that the adult is not the child’s parent.
  • There are indications of child abuse.
  • The adult has a record or is wanted for a felony here or in another country.
  • The parent(s) claiming political asylum.

To most rational people this seems reasonable. To the emotional left, it is horrific that there are about 2,500 kids separated from the adult who entered this country illegally with them.

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I wonder how many people could put a number of children who’ve fallen into each group.  The news coverage and the subsequent political rhetoric absolutely gives the impression that almost all are in the last, which is the one in which separation is more a side-effect than a first order policy.

  • Glass Houses

    “emotional left”? I trust you are familiar with the Murdoch’s Fox News model. I wouldn’t generalize which camp is “emotional” if I were you.

  • Rhett Hardwick

    Sorry I can’t supply a link, but the latest info I have seen indicates that 17% of the children arrived with “parents”. It is estimated that DNA testing would reduce that number by half.

    Like the law or not, the parents are “illegals” and criminals. Where is the outcry when a parent is sent to jail, let’s say for driving under, and the family is “separated”?

    • Mike678

      Stop with facts! Emote–don’t think.

  • Mike678

    No. Reason and logic are not the allies of the so-called progressives. Note the trolling, the use of logical fallacies and sheer demagoguery. All designed to play on emotion.