Out of Touch Elite Don’t See the Nerve Trump Touches


Rod Dreher got to this point before I was able to do so:

The news media have been seriously distorting public reaction to Trump’s handling of Charlottesville. Whether this is a matter of only seeing what they want to see, or a matter of the talking heads being concentrated among coastal elites of both parties, is a matter of conjecture. True, a slight majority of Americans think Trump didn’t go far enough, but judging from the coverage and commentary, you would have thought at Charlottesville, Trump met his Waterloo. It didn’t happen. Charlottesville is not nearly as big a deal to Americans as it is to the media and coastal elites.

From coverage in the national media (and across the board, here in the Northeast), one would expect the “not far enough” opinion to rate in the 90s.  The only quibble I’d make is that Dreher skipped one possibility:  Maybe it’s not only that journalists are seeing what they want to see within their coastal elite bubble, but that they actively want to shape the narrative.

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Whatever the case, one might fairly suggest that, when it comes to anything having to do with President Trump, journalists aren’t doing their job.  That’s true even if they see their “job” in some respects to be advancing their ideology.  Consider this, from Dreher:

This is likely to cause them to seriously overreach. If Democrats and liberals only pay attention to the media and to each other on the statue debate, they are going to alienate a lot of people. The hostile media environment has made it very difficult for anybody to speak up for keeping the statues, even though that is a majority opinion in America. So people will keep that opinion to themselves.

Keeping their opinions to themselves doesn’t mean forgetting the issue altogether.  Even people who don’t particularly care about Confederate statues will observe the way things work, these days, and may conclude that the country very much needs forces pushing back against the elite zeitgeist.  President Trump is currently the most visible manifestation of that conclusion, and I fear there are worse.

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  • Mike678

    “…The hostile media environment has made it very difficult for anybody to speak up for keeping the statues, even though that is a majority opinion in America. So people will keep that opinion to themselves.”

    The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. Edmund Burke (and many others)…

    • Rhett Hardwick

      I am on a “humor circle” made up almost entirely of construction companies. This has come alive since Charliottesville. For instance, one email informs the public that all U.S. currency having the picture of a former slave holder has to be destroyed. Since he is a “certified destroyer” such bills should be sent to him.

      We should also remember that we live in a Northeast Bubble. I believe I am correctly informed that if you exclude California, and a 200 mile radius around NYC, Trump carried a majority. It is only locally that I hear him referred to as the “orange haired Mussolini”.

  • The Misfit

    Trump is evil. You go down that path with him then you are evil too.

    • Mike678

      My first thought was that you do little with this comment but demonstrate ignorance. But perhaps you can make an argument? In what way is President Trump “evil”? The use of facts and a reasoned argument would be appreciated.

    • Raymond Carter

      People are rightly afraid of being killed by Muslims, Illegal aliens and violent sociopathic black thugs, ie-the base of your party. Statues have killed no one.

    • Rhett Hardwick

      Misfit displays what is probably symptomatic of ideologues of every tripe. There is no need to assert facts to support “what everybody knows”. Similarly, I would feel no need to offer facts to support the proposition that the sun will rise tomorrow. Probably a poor analogy, in the sense there would be facts about the sun to support the contention that it will rise.

      • Mike678

        Perhaps, but I’d give him a chance. The irony is that many on the left oppose providing such opportunities….

      • Mike678

        It appears you judged him correctly.

        • Rhett Hardwick

          When “preaching to choir”,. their is no need to do more than assert the existence of God.

  • Merle The Monster

    The numbers that stood out for me in the poll was the 61 percent that had little or no confidence in the President handling an international crisis. I am in that 61 and furthermore I don’t feel confident that this White House could handle a national emergency as well