Out-Progressiving Raimondo’s Progressives


The Providence Journal has an op-ed from me today, about progressive Democrat state Senator Samuel Bell’s freedom to use irresponsible rhetoric as leverage against the progressives in the administration of progressive Democrat Governor Gina Raimondo:

At the end of the day, Bell is just objecting to Raimondo’s efforts to buy off companies so that they’ll tolerate our horrible business climate, which he is free to do because his economic ideas are fantasy.

Gina Raimondo, Stefan Pryor and Bruce Katz are progressives who are responsible for implementing the central planning policies that progressives demand. Samuel Bell is a progressive with no real responsibility who is therefore free to be more irresponsible in his demands.

If it weren’t so harmful to our state, this would all be a laugh riot.

  • All the reporting this piece is based on came from UpriseRI.com. No other reporters were in the room. See: https://upriseri.com/2019-11-13-economic-dvelopment-plan/

    • Justin Katz

      Yes, that’s why I linked to that in the post on which the op-ed was based.

  • David Morton

    What is irresponsible is stealing the work of others. If you are too lazy to attend then don’t bother writing about it.

    I wouldn’t call Raimondo a Progressive and neither would progressives so that is also pretty irresponsible.

    • Justin Katz

      I didn’t claim to be the reporter. I merely quoted what a public official said at a public forum.

      Progressives don’t have exclusive rights to apply the adjective. Sam Bell loves to call Raimondo “conservative,” which I would reject, as a conservative.

  • Roland Gauvin

    When you use other sources and don’t credit them are guilty of plagiarism. You plagiarized the work of Steve Alquist for your op-ed and owe a public apology.

    • Justin Katz

      Steve didn’t author Bell’s commentary, and I didn’t claim to.