Pawtucket Train Station – So RI is Just a Suburb of Boston?


My main beef with the proposed Pawtucket train station is that it is completely absurd to spend north of $40M to accommodate only eighty nine (89) net new riders.

But in its weekly look at Best and Worst Bills of 2016, the RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity (disclosure: I am their Communications Manager) raises another unfortunate aspect of the proposed station. They point out that it offers a disturbing insight into the economic development philosophy of state officials who are pushing for the station, which is that it

… perpetuates a submissive philosophy that the State of Rhode Island should be considered a suburb of Boston and should rely on the Massachusetts capital’s economy to achieve growth. The Center strongly disagrees and for years has advocated that broad-based reforms can transform the Ocean State into a vibrant and independent economy of its own that will benefit all families and businesses, as opposed to the insider few industries targeted by the Brookings plan.

  • guest

    Have you looked at a map? Surprising in that parochialism isn’t usually a driver for you folks.

  • Rhett Hardwick

    It seems to me that western Connecticut has done rather well as a suburb of New York. Same might be said of southern Cow Hampshire.

  • oceanstater

    I disagree with this attitude too. The underutilized area around the train station site can be an economic driver to help the distressed cities recover and help the whole region, and without exporting so much of our gasoline/energy dollars to OPEC and out of state refiners. Trains are already passing though, why not take advantage? And it is not a train to nowhere, it is a train to Boston, and for that matter, it connects Pawtucket-Central Falls to Providence and TF Green!

  • D. S. Crockett

    Commuters are already serviced through So. Attleboro which is aleady easily accessible by any Pawtucket resident, so why the need for the Pawtucket train station?