Planned Parenthood’s Annual $100k from Taxpayers of Rhode Island


With Planned Parenthood baby-organ harvesting in the news (everywhere except Rhode Island), it’s worth turning to the RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity’s handy dandy RI Open Gov vendor payments module.  And, yes, there they are, separate annual payments to Planned Parenthood RI and Planned Parenthood of Southern New England totaling $516,755 over the past five years of available data.

Those two subgroups of the abortion giant go back and forth in the amount that they receive, but the total has typically been around $100,000, as follows:

  • 2010: $128,999
  • 2011: $87,058
  • 2012: $106,005
  • 2013: $87,356
  • 2014: $107,338

The better part of the money is given under the heading of “perinatal and early childhood.”  For those without a dictionary handy, “perinatal” means “occurring during or pertaining to the phase surrounding the time of birth, from the twentieth week of gestation to the twenty-eighth day of newborn life.”

According to the videos making the rounds (another of which I hear is expected tomorrow), the pre-birth part of that range can be a particularly valuable one for abortion providers.

  • ShannonEntropy

    Suggested Pro·Jo head·line =►

    Planned Parenthood Proves You Can
    Make a Killing In the Abortion Business

  • Ken Carr

    And why is it not the big topic in RI? If we use our federal representatives and senators as role models the rule is “Planned Parenthood is untouchable since abortion rights is a major plank of the Democratic Party platform.” Most Rhode Island residents vote Democratic and don’t give a damn what the issues are; nor do most of them know or care. This state is run like a union: crowd mentality rules. If the dem. leadership says abortion is good and necessary, it must be. And the old comment “but it’s a Catholic state” is irrelevant since for many being Catholic merely means “being seen attending church” as evidenced by our esteemed Madame Governor.
    Sorry for all the negativity but I’m too old to believe in political parties or informed voters.

    • ShannonEntropy

      You make some valid points, Carr·wreck

      … but saying you don’t “believe in political parties”
      is like saying you don’t believe the tax code exists