Political Omissions in Worcester Story


For some reason the Providence Journal ran a minor story on a Worcester, Massachusetts, political incident.  In doing so, however, the paper spotlights a curious… let’s say… tic of the mainstream media:

Mayor Joseph M. Petty is now apologizing for remarks he made that, unbeknownst to him, were picked up by an open microphone at the beginning of Tuesday night’s City Council meeting.

The remarks were unflattering observations about some of protesters attending the meeting. Earlier, there was a rally at City Hall attended by people unhappy with President Donald J. Trump’s immigration policy.

Funny — Don’t you think? — that the article doesn’t mention that Petty is a Democrat and the main voice speaking out against him, Michael T. Gaffney, although in a non-partisan seat, has been backed by Republicans.  Why do you suppose that is?  How do you suppose the reporting might have been different if it were a Republican mayor badmouthing a Tea Party group?

  • Mike678

    I have no problem with any politician being frank and honest about what they see–am a tad tired of the mealy-mouth pandering rhetoric all too common these days. The PROJO can do much better–but then again, with the salaries they pay, maybe not.

    While on the subject of lies and deception:

  • Cathy

    I was born and raised in Worcester, started my life in Great Brook Valley and Clark St School as a matter of fact, lived there in the same building as Ex-Mayor Ray Mariano’s family did as a child and am a Republican only because I left and moved south.

    I still go back every year and have to bite my tongue as I listen to my friends talk politics, always complaining but never even considering voting for a Republican legislature rather than just the occasional Republican governor who then has to woosie down to cater to the deep blue constituency. It makes no sense.

    But then these friends are now paying over ten bucks for a pack of cigarettes and still continue to smoke, so…..