Political Perspective for Rhode Island


This VividMaps image of counties that broke for Hillary Clinton really puts the results — especially the declarations that Clinton won the popular vote — in perspective (via John Cardillo):


There we are on New England Island, around a much larger bay and not far from Springfield Lake.  Isn’t that worth a little bit of reflection as to how we handle politics around here?

  • Raymond Carter

    Let Hillary be President of a California Republic (and take Washington, Oregon, Nevada and Hawaii with her) and let the rest of us live in Trumpland.
    Good riddance. A third of all welfare mooches are in Mexifornia.

  • Rhett Hardwick

    According to today’s news, if you exclude California and New York, Trump received 3 million more votes than Clinton.

    • Mike678

      Which is yet another reason we have an Electoral College.