“Preliminary” – RIDOT’s Newest Transparency & Accountability Dodge


Representative Patricia Morgan had an op-ed in yesterday’s ProJo describing the latest development in the area of tolls and proposed toll-funded projects – the Governor’s toll plan, as it has now become clear, being the biggest bait-and-switch ever pulled on Rhode Island’s residents. (“Danger, danger, Will Robinson! The bridges are unsafe!” “… Psych! Most of the money is going to a 6/10 boondoggle!”)

Honest and straightforward answers are simply impossible to come by. It appears that Director Peter Alviti has discovered the value of labeling everything “preliminary.” By doing so, he can avoid supplying forthright answers.

A reminder: all of this – tolls (if they survive the legal challenge), federal revenue, the bridges, highways, RIDOT – involves public resources and hard earned tax dollars, which means complete openness is mandated. Governor Raimondo will put an end to “preliminary” and all such dodges if she wishes to repair her very poor reputation in the area of transparency and open government.

  • stuckinRI

    This entire thing is surreal and the “preliminary” cost figures are staggering considering this proposed project will have such limited state-wide impact.
    Is there still any chance that this project would get scrapped?

  • oceanstater

    While I think now RIDOT is really trying to provide more info to the public, and that big trucks, especially out of state trucks, should help pay for the highway repairs, there is reason to question RIDOT’s assumptions. There is an opportunity to do that at Senate Finance on Thurs 5/12 at 2:30pm when they come up for a hearing, and on May 26 when there is public review of their 10 year spending (and borrowing) plan at 2 public hearings.