Pro-Business? DLT Refuses to Cite Basis for Giving Unemployment Benefits to Striking Workers


Two weeks ago, the RI Department of Labor and Training authorized striking Verizon workers to receive unemployment benefits by erroneously labeling the action a lock-out. Not only does this egregiously wrong decision come at the expense of all RI businesses but, if it stands, it could set a costly precedent.

True to their word, Verizon was in Superior Court Wednesday contesting the decision and asking that unemployment benefits “be immediately suspended”. But DLT was not forthcoming, at least publicly, about the basis for its ruling.

[DLT Spokesperson Michael] Healey declined to discuss the evidence or the factual statements that led to Jensen’s decision, telling The Providence Journal that such information is “confidential.”

Two things. Why can’t they discuss the basis for the decision? Is it because it is so weak and indefensible?

Secondly, Governor Raimondo claims to be working vigorously on the economy and the state’s business climate. Does she agree with this blatantly anti-business, pro-union decision by the RI Department of Labor and Training?