Progressive Regunberg Defames the Working Man


Maybe it’s an echo of my angry-young-man laborer days, but statements like this continue to grate on me:

Former state Rep. J. Aaron Regunberg issued a statement Friday on behalf of Never Again Action: “We are glad to hear that a grand jury is looking into this incident. Our hope is that justice will be served. That means holding accountable the individuals who attacked peaceful protesters with pepper spray and a truck. It also means holding the Wyatt accountable as an institution.”

He continued: “These were Wyatt employees, in uniform and on the job. If they were willing to assault peaceful protesters, in public and on camera, we know that this violence is just a shadow of what happens behind the walls.”

Let’s review who the speaker is, here.  Regunberg graduated from an Ivy League school.  Since graduation, his work appears to extend to progressive activist and legislator.  When he failed to win the lieutenant governor seat (for which he ran with copious help from out-of-state funders), the progressive mayor of Providence gave him an $80,000-a-year job as, it seems, a professional activist to tide him over until he started at Harvard Law.

In short, this is a guy with a golden ticket who is going to be just fine in life.  And here he is saying that he knows the working stiffs at Wyatt are perpetrating acts of violence against the inmates.  Worse, he’s doing so as an official statement in the state’s major newspaper.  Even worse, I haven’t seen anybody, anywhere call him out on it.

Meanwhile, here’s a news tidbit from another prison in Rhode Island:

A guard in the high security unit of Rhode Island’s state prison has been assaulted by an inmate. …

The guard was taken to the hospital, treated for a wound and released.

My 9th grade English teacher, Mrs. Murphy, taught me not to make accusative statements about people or organizations without more-substantial evidence than “everybody knows.”  Apparently, it’s possible to get through Brown University without learning that lesson, and apparently, it’s possible to rise to the top of progressives’ activist network while exploiting that educational deficit.

  • Joe Smith

    and the scary part is he is lining up his ducks to be the Lt Gov in 2022. If a Dem wins the White House and our Gov gets here golden ticket out, I hope the state doesn’t hold a special election to fill McKee’s position.

    The only perhaps silver lining is he ends up dead ending out if he gets to be Lt Gov like Liz Roberts..

    I call this the next generation Clinton effect – basically spend your 20s accumulating Ivy league or similar education time..then jump straight into political office (Clinton lost his first race for a House seat) or get someone who thinks you have a future – or can help them (Elorza) – to set you up so you don’t have to worry about health care, housing,and your next meal.

    Then run again..and then eventually cash out with some high paying job or cush public sector like a judgeship – and appointments to paid positions on boards/commissions, etc.

  • D. S. Crockett


  • bagida’wewinini

    . J. Aaron Regunberg witnessed the events at the Wyatt Detention Center so its understandable that he views those prison employees who interacted with the protesters with suspicion. Attacking him personally based on his employment and educational history does nothing to help your “working stiffs”. It only stokes divisiveness and resentment. Prison guards do important and difficult work that is sometimes dangerous. Because of those realities most of the working stiffs are protected by unions something that you and your Center actively work against. Being a one time angry young man gives you no cred in the world that many of us inhabit.