Projo Catching Up on Illegal Immigrant Benefits; Information Still Partial


It’s always nice to see the Providence Journal catching up on topics that Anchor Rising covered long ago.  Here’s Monique Chartier writing in 2011:

When someone goes to the State of Rhode Island and applies for social services, one of the first pieces of information for which they are asked is a social security number. However, there are instances when the applicant/recipient may not have one (more on that in a sec). When that happens, the staff at the Dept of Human Services is permitted to enter a “666” by-pass number – a nine digit number that starts with 666.

Know how many people are receiving benefits under a 666 by-pass number?


And here’s Katherine Gregg writing in the Providence Journal the other day:

The numbers: As of February 8, there were 3,419 people without Social Security numbers listed as receiving benefits by the new state computer system that tracks eligibility determinations and payments of publicly-subsidized benefits in Rhode island, from cash assistance to health care.They have been entered into the state computer system with the code “666” or “000” in lieu of a Social Security number.

That tiny increase brings to mind Monique’s 2011 question: “Are we to believe that there is a steady new batch of 3,300 applicants continuously coming into the system who need to use the by-pass number while waiting for a social security number or a copy of their card to arrive?”

Curious, indeed.  Gregg got the state to insist that “fewer than” 750 of the beneficiaries using the bypass numbers are illegal immigrants.  Per Monique’s earlier question, one wonders to what extent they are the same people receiving benefits six years ago, or whether there’s amazingly consistent churn.

We shouldn’t forget, by the way, that the bypass numbers can’t be the complete count of illegal immigrants receiving benefits.  Consider this recent video of illegal immigrant activist Jose Vargas acknowledging that his grandfather bought him a Social Security Number.  One gets the impression that such things are common, given that Vargas raises the matter as evidence that illegal immigrants pay taxes.

In summary, we still don’t know how much Rhode Islanders are paying for illegal welfare benefits.

  • William B. Palazzo

    And you will never get a straight answer. When I filed for SS, the clerk stated that you would not believe the illegals showing up and DEMANDING their benefits.

  • Concerned

    Immigration law can be simply stated as this: If you enter the country without proper permission/at an approved location or overstay a visa, you are in the country illegally.

    I believe elected and appointed officials and law enforcement entities have an obligation to the citizenry to enforce laws as written without regard to personal beliefs (America supposedly being a country “ruled by law, not by men”). I also believe the press has a duty to serve as watchdog over government and to try to keep the citizenry aware of government happenings, right and wrong.

    America’s citizens really have a need, and a right, to know:

    Are officials making any effort to ensure that individuals not in the United States legally (Entered without permission or at a non-designated location, or overstayed a visa) are not receiving social benefits? If so, what are these efforts? If not, why not!

    What efforts are made to determine that a Social Security number given by an applicant is valid and actually belongs to the person using the number? If a person is found to possess a fake/ fraudulent/ counterfeit/ or stolen social security number, what action is taken?

    Along with, or in lieu of, asking for a social security number, are applicants asked for proof of citizenship or LEGAL PRESENCE in Rhode Island/United States? (Mere proof of residency should NOT be a qualifier). What process is used to ensure that the “proof of citizenship or LEGAL PRESENCE” is bonafide and belongs to the person presenting such documents? If a person is found to possess a fake/ fraudulent/ counterfeit/ or stolen “proof of citizenship or LEGAL PRESENCE”, what action is taken?

    I believe many various elected and appointed officials and law enforcement entities have decided to ignore, obstruct, violate, and/or to fallaciously mis-interpret immigration law. I believe this malfeasance can be, and has been, detrimental to our country and citizens in many ways. The enormous monetary costs are often downplayed while other costs are rarely mentioned at all…the loss of faith in our government to protect and defend America, her borders, and the American people; to provide equal justice without bias; to obey “the rule of law”; the return of health problems not seen for many decades; the enormous strain on natural, governmental, and societal resources; the unnecessary additional environmental harm.

    How do you measure the costs to victims of crimes committed by individuals who shouldn’t even be here, but remain here due to official intransigence? What are the psychological costs to a citizenry forced to endure the outright betrayal of it’s officials?

    While the Associated Press and others might refer to illegal immigration as “merely entering without permission”, there is far more to than JUST that. And all that’s really needed to turn this around is adherence to a very simple concept…ENFORCE THE LAW!