Providence Government’s Fight Against Residents


A bit of standard activist rhetoric struck a peculiar chord in Steve Ahlquist’s coverage in “Providence announces new policies on climate justice.”

To set the stage, a Zoom press conference was held featuring the following speakers:

  • Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza
  • Providence Councilwoman Helen Anthony
  • Providence Councilman Pedro Espinal
  • Providence City Director of Sustainability Leah Bamberger
  • Providence Environmental Sustainability Task Force Chair Sue AnderBois
  • Truth Box Inc. Principal Peter Gill Case (Truth Box is “a small architecture firm specializing in sustainable, energy-efficient design.”)
  • Racial and Environmental Justice Committee Member Monica Huertas

The press conference was held to announce “new climate justice policies for the City of Providence,” including, for example, requiring all “large buildings” to track and report their energy use.

Here’s the stock political rhetoric that stuck out, spoken by Ms. Huertas:

“Each paragraph, each word, was uttered with the fervent belief that we the people, we the frontline communities, we the organized labor, we the indigenous tribes, we the environmental justice advocates, we the youth groups, we the racial justice organizations, will fight back. Fight, take back our city, and win.”

Whom are they fighting?  This is a press conference by the city government announcing policies of the city government.  They’ve won!  They have now moved to the phase of imposing their will on everybody else using the regulatory, taxation, and police powers of the government.  Watching officials with in that government nod along with the proclamation that “we will fight back… fight, take back our city, and win” ought to be disconcerting to Rhode Islanders who believe in freedom and an unoppressive government.

For those who continue to live or do business in Providence, one can only advise deep consideration of a move.  The powers of the city are gearing up to make your life more difficult and to pick your pocket.

  • Mario

    “Watching officials with in that government nod along with the
    proclamation that “we will fight back… fight, take back our city, and
    win” ought to be disconcerting to Rhode Islanders who believe in freedom
    and an unoppressive government.”

    Is this irony? On a scale of 1 to “omg they actually took over the building and are looking for public officials to murder” how disconcerted should we be?

    • Justin Katz

      Higher than that: “My elected officials actually consider me an enemy against which they have to ‘fight.'”

      • Mario

        *gestures in vain at everything Trump* You don’t see how this is exactly the same? It’s basically a direct quote.

        • Justin Katz

          Fair enough, except that you’re only opening the field to standard political rhetoric in which the Democrats have engaged for decades. Trump was a response, not an initiation.

          But I’m talking about something different, here. This isn’t political rhetoric against a political interest meant to rile a base. This is a policy being implemented under the flag of taking back the city… by people who currently run the city. Ordinary citizens are the target.

          • Mario

            I don’t have a problem saying that it is bad rhetoric, but I would qualify Trump as an escalation rather than a response. And here I think it is more an inter-party dispute rather than against the public, but it is unacceptable regardless.

            It’s interesting to note that “glass houses” isn’t a blanket proscription against rock-throwing, but merely a warning to shore up your own defenses before going on the attack.

  • Rhett Hardwick

    ” take back our city”, reminds me of women’s enthusiasm to “take back the night”; when did they ever own it?

  • ShannonEntropy

    More “Great Replacement” talk, this time coming directly from the gum-mint

    The stoopidist people in this State are the occupants of the million-buck mansions on LaProv’s East Side, who pay $25K+ / yr in property taxes and then have to send their kids to private schools (( would you send your kid to Hope HS ?? ))

    Here’s a joke for you:

    What do get when you cross a population of liberal idiot rich folks with a government that is openly hostile to everything they are and stand for ??

    A. You get what you f***ing deserve
    (( apologies to the movie The Joker ))

    p.s. MSNBC had an article recently listing the best place to retire in every State… for Li’l Rhody they picked my home town of Warwick. For you east-siders: my house in Pawtuxet Village is almost as close to downtown LaProv as your place; and we’re on the water. Think about it

    • Christopher C. Reed

      Yeah…bouncing and jouncing around the East Side mentally budgeting $200 for an alignment, maybe a new rim, and wondering, “aren’t these folks connected? Know the big guy down city?”
      Can’t fix the streets, but got global warming sorted…right.