Raimondo Insults Your Intelligence with College Plan


This morning, I noted that legislators are the only people in Rhode Island who can promise workers a 10% increase in pay without worrying about where the money will come from.  It just magically appears in their imaginations.  At noon, I suggested that Rhode Islanders should be embarrassed that their state is so dependent on federal government welfare.

The state government’s latest revenue and caseload conference estimated that the government’s revenue will fall $52 million from fiscal 2016 to fiscal 2018.  And during the budget process, last year, the state expected that deficits would climb $40-60 million per year, hitting $333 million by 2021.

So how in the world does Democrat Governor Gina Raimondo state the following — and get away with it in G. Wayne Miller’s Providence Journal article — while promising the new $30 million expense of giving all Rhode Islanders two free years of college at a state institution?

We have the money. This is affordable. It’s a smart solution.

It’s a vote-buying giveaway pure and simple that counts on Rhode Islanders’ not noticing that they’re paying the bill.  It’s an insult to our intelligence.

Moreover, we should expect that the estimated cost is laughably low.  Given free tuition, more families will use the colleges and university, and the institutions will surely increase their tuition rates once the cost to the decision makers (students and their families) is zilch (or half-price, for four-year degrees).  And this doesn’t even get into the governor’s assumptions that people who have no financial skin in the game for their degrees will actually take their studies seriously and apply themselves and that those who do will stay in the state rather than taking their subsidized degrees to states that actually have healthy economies.

One can only hope that Rhode Islanders aren’t so far gone, at this point, that they fall for the governor’s snake oil sale.

  • Raymond Carter

    The whole RI Democrat Kleptocracy is headed to a fall. Tax Cuts, corporate welfare, free college, pre-K, endlessly expanding Medicaid. All paid for out of thin air in a permanently stagnant, at best, economy.
    Dylan said it half a century ago; “A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall”.

  • Max

    Anyone who actually believes anything this governor says is either daft or working their own angle. It’s just stunning the lies she floats out without batting an eye.

  • Bernfrin

    Raimondo is just another typical Socialist – the plan is to steal from those who have anything in order to support the freeloaders. Obama already proved that his socialist/communist agenda was a failure, but obviously Raimondo didn’t pay attention to the failed lesson.

    • Raymond Carter

      It’s even worse than that. If the Kleptocracy was proposing major tax hikes to pay for all these tax cuts, corporate welfare and new social programs it would be disgusting but rational. What they’re proposing is to do it all with NO tax increases, which is Zimbabwe-style delusionary.

  • Roland Lavallee

    This isn’t just a $30M giveaway. There is only a residency requirement so as long as you move here and have a kid graduate from a local high (as if they ever fail anyone), then you can attend for free.

    What do you think this will do to the final yearly tally? Do you think this will become more of a magnet for ILLEGAL ALIENS to come her and tax our overburdened social services?

    • Raymond Carter

      Of course; illegal aliens/anchor babies are a prime target of this insanity.

  • Mike678

    Funny how RI and NY politicians are suddenly talking about taxpayer funded college. Both know it isn’t sustainable. It’s just another tool to use against Trump and Republicans in an attempt to make them look bad. “We wanted to give you stuff but those evil people won’t let us.” Pandering to the uninformed. Little wonder Trump did so well in areas that value self reliance.

  • breaker94

    There should be a move on to never let another governor take office in this state who does not represent at least 50% of the voters.