Reading Between the DOJ Investigation Lines


  • Mario

    All this talk about “reading between the lines” and he never gets to the root cause of the problem — the infiltration of the US government at the highest level by lizard people.

    Seriously, this is lunacy and you are all (excepting some notable commenters) too smart to be taken in by this. How long can you be enthralled by the latest revelations in the Clinton scandals before you realize it’s just a distraction to keep attention away from the people who are actually relevant and actually in a position of power? This is all a ploy to keep people in a heighten “us vs them” state, and it shouldn’t be working. Here’s a secret — no one is on your (our) side. Both parties are terrible. Trump doesn’t care any more about the issues you care about than Clinton did. They are all just looking for ways to make themselves rich. Trump crimes are as real as Clinton’s (if not more so). The red hats are blinding you to the fact that you have no team.

    If the Democrats take Congress in a year you will wish you had taken the opportunity to switch him out for Pence. Well, the sober ones, anyway. The rest, no doubt, will be crowing about how good Schumer’s SCOTUS picks are, and how they are proof that Trump is truly playing the long game.

    • Justin Katz

      Well, this was a falsifiable prediction, so we’ll see. For now, I’ll say that I wish I could see things as simply as you do, but I can’t get over the problem in your view. If Clinton wins, there’s no investigation. If Trump wins, then any investigation is just a distraction from its own (assumed) malfeasance. That doesn’t seem like a healthy way to view the internal controls of government.

      • Mario

        That’s a problem with the entire executive, not just the Clintons. The President is already generally above the law, and is given a pass beyond that by the other branches anyway. But I don’t think electing Clinton would have meant no investigation. However poorly the investigation ended up, she was legitimately investigated under Obama, and Trump bumbled his way into investigating himself. So there is always the possibility that people can be held to account, but I would also like to see a lot more of it.