Red Sox Bleacher Banner Was Anti-American


Sometimes it’s important to be accurate, and Ken Powtak’s failure to be so for an article from the AP is important to note:

A few fans seated above the Green Monster dropped down a sign denouncing racism during the fourth inning of Boston’s game against Oakland at Fenway Park on Wednesday night.

The sign — draped over the top middle of the 37-foot Monster — had a black background with white letters that read: “Racism is as American as Baseball.”

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Sure, that message clearly carries the assumption that racism is bad, but what it does most of all is to denounce America as a racist country.  We shouldn’t let activists (in and out of the news media) muddy the waters.  One can be anti-racist and pro-America, but this sign doesn’t carry it off and shouldn’t be celebrated.

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  • Rhett Hardwick

    To suggest that Racism is American suggests to me that the proponents of that banner were laboring under a defeat of reason. Consider the Japanese attitude toward Koreans, which is not in anyway diminished by the fact that most “Japanese” are originally Koreans. This coupled with their treatment of the few remaining “native Japanese”, who would be considered Caucasian. .