Rhode Island, a Coincidential State


Here’s a telling anecdote (in the “Rhode Island way” sense) in the Political Scene from today’s Providence Journal:

House Speaker Nicholas Mattiello has put Edward Cotugno, the mail-ballot guru who helped him eke out an 85-vote victory in 2016, back on his campaign team and given his son a $70,000 a year State House job.

Mattiello, D-Cranston, hired Michael Cotugno as the legislature’s new associate director of House constituent-services.

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Yes, Rhode Island surely is a coincidential state, to coin a term.  If you’re politically helpful, a government job will appear for your or your family completely by coincidence.

  • guest

    As ridiculous as this is, I don’t recall you ever criticized Gov. “38 Studios” Carcieri when he hired his niece and was subsequently fined by the Ethics Commission. Remember, you are supposed to present yourself as “independent”.

    • Mike678

      Why is this ridiculous, troll?

      • guest

        If you don’t think it’s ridiculous, perhaps you can provide Mr. Cotugno’s qualifications.

        • Mike678

          No, troll, it doesn’t work that way. You stated an opinion. why can’t you back it up?

          • guest

            Perhaps you are also related to the Cotugnos or can justify why an associate director of House constituent-services is essential?

  • Rhett Hardwick

    Lately, I have been following Howie Carr in the Boston Herald. It seems we are handily outdone. Of course, they have 7 million people, so most are not “in touch” with the goings on.


    RI is limping along financially, taxes anything that can be grabbed, and is at the lowest rating of important national indicators…like business climate, opportunity, infrastructure, fiscal stability….I feel like the legislature generally ignores the needs of citizens and communities, except when it’s time to vote.
    Coincidences? I don’t believe in coincidences.