Rhode Island as the Land of Insiders and Suckers


On his still-new Web site, Russell Moore shares a conversation he had with a couple of guys at the gym:

That’s when the second gentleman spoke up.

“If you live in Rhode Island, and you’re not in a public sector retirement system, you’re a sucker,” he said. “You’re paying for lavish benefits you’re not going to get.”

I’ve been covering government and politics in Rhode Island since 2005. Never in my life had I heard the situation put so succinct–or so blunt. You can’t argue with his logic.

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And there you go.  The anecdote raises two questions for those who aren’t on the winning end of that seesaw:

  1. Why are you here?
  2. What are you doing to stop being a sucker?

Too many people choose to leave.  We need everybody to speak up.  If folks (especially business owners) are worried about the consequences of doing so, get in touch with those who are active, as we’re working on ways around the obstacle of intimidation.

  • Guest

    Justin, I receive a $1,500 per month State of RI pension ($18K a year) for 17 years of service, no medical and no COLA from RI.

    Would you please expkane to me publicly how this is lavish benefits????

    • Rhett Hardwick

      How many private sector employees do you know that receive any “pension” at all?

      • guest

        There are some, and then there are others that have/had alternative retirement plans funded by their employers. The point is, what is the lavish accusation referring to? I’m not sure that supposed gossip from the gym is the place I want to start when setting pubic policy.

        I’m more interested in seeing the pee-pee tape myself.

  • Raymond Carter

    Plenty of suckers. E.G. voted for Clinton, first time since the Goldwater landslide. Too many middle class people voting for an openly racist party that wants to discriminate against their grandchildren to keep votes from Third World s-holes flowing in.

    • guest

      Ray, you are all over the map. What are you trying to say? Do you want to see the Russian pee-pee tape too?

      • Rhett Hardwick

        The Russian “golden shower” tape does purport to show Trump from any angle at which he could be recognized.

        • guest

          So many questions. Was he a witness or was he a participant and will it matter to his loyal followers? How will the evangelicals rationalize it? When will Mueller release it?