Rhode Island’s Big Kahuna Acquires an Opponent


Big news yesterday as Steve Frias (R-Cranston) announces that he will run against House Speaker Nicholas Mattiello (D-Cranston) to represent House District 15.

Republican Steven Frias hopes to ride a wave of dissatisfaction with Rhode Island’s status quo to unseat House Speaker Nicholas Mattiello, often referred to the most powerful elected official in the state.

Interestingly, GoLocalProv refers to Frias, who resides in Cranston, as a “Boston Lawyer”, the only news outlet to do so.

  • Raymond Carter

    He’s ready to fall.
    Keep it SIMPLE.
    Just like the Dump Montalbano and Dump Alves campaigns.
    Six words on signs, literature, ads, door to door, etc.
    Dump Mattielo
    Vote Frias
    November 8

    Six words-that’s all you need.