RI, Becoming the Medicaid State


Last August, I noted that HealthSource RI had largely become a means of shuffling people into Medicaid, highlighting this grim fact:

The number of new Medicaid enrollments in Rhode Island from March to August was more than five times greater than the number of seasonally adjusted new jobs based in Rhode Island.  If you want a barometer of the direction in which the state is headed, that’s a pretty good one.

Well, herewith, one of the more depressing things I’ve ever read in the Providence Journal:

The total personal income of Rhode Islanders rose 4.3 percent from 2013 to 2014, ranking the Ocean State as the 16th fastest growing state in the country and second in New England, according to figures published Wednesday by the Bureau of Economic Analysis.

But a large portion of that gain was the result of the expansion of Medicaid benefits under Obamacare. 

Total net earnings   — wages, salaries, benefits and business owners profit — rose 3.5 percent in Rhode Island, below the national average of 4.0 percent. Similarly, investment income — including dividends, interest and rent collections — rose 3.2 percent in Rhode Island, also below the national average of 3.4 percent.

Rhode Island can’t wait for Governor Gina Raimondo’s court of handpicked economic apothecaries to stumble upon a formula for turning lead into gold — or welfare handouts into jobs.  We need the state to get off of the economy’s back and stop pushing freebies onto our neighbors, even if the elite progressives have to go into withdrawal with the removal of their steady source of self-affirming power.

  • Who me?

    Boy do the baggers love their socialized medicine, I mean Medicare. Just don’t call it an entitlement…those are what go to the “others”. What’s given to them, they’ve “earned”. Just ask them.

  • George from Warwick

    Dear ‘Who me?’ ….

    Medicaid is 100% FREE to the recipient, whereas Medicare is in fact “earned” by those covered by it


    Both I & my employers paid Medicare 1.45% of my income
    — nearly half a million bucks over 40 yrs — so I did indeed earn it

    But what really gravels me — and it takes a LOT for me to use “gravel” as a verb — is how heavily skewed Social Security is to lower income earners

    My wife’s best friend is a retired corrections officer who spend the first 20 yrs of her adulthood working as a low-paid artisan. Over our respective careers I paid in at least ten times to the SSA that she did. But her monthly benefit is roughly half of mine

    Where is the justice *there* ???

    • George from Warwick

      Another way of looking at that huge SS disparity between me & my wife’s BFF =►

      Yours Truly will have to live to be ~ 110 yrs old to get back all the moola I paid in

      But BFF will get her ‘contributions’ back in less than a decade — and she’s already been retired 4 yrs !!

      To me, this is the greatest injustice in this nation since Reuben beat Clay in Season Two of American Idol

    • Warrington Faust

      I know several people on Disability/Medicaid. For them, all medical care is “free”, even transportation to the doctor. Compare my aged mother. Aside from “hospitalization” all other coverage is “purchased” Medicaire Part B, prescripton coverage, Blue Cross Blue Shield. She still has the possibility of some liabilty for the cost of care. And, of course, there is the famous “lose the house to the nursing home”.

      To be fair, the people on disability are “certifiably” ill (although I am not so sure about one who essentially gets the “crazy check”). If we extended such care to everyone, simply old, rather than ill; we would be overwhelmed with hospital visits for headaches. Also, “free care takes the lid off of costs. Several years ago, I took a woman to the emergency room. She stayed 3 hours, very little seemed to be done with her, and she ran up a bill of $5,400. I did wonder.

      • George from Warwick

        For them, all medical care is “free”, even transportation to the doctor.

        Man you’ve touched on one of my ‘pet peeves’ about Li’L Rhody — RIPTA’s RIde program for the “disabled” (( My now-deceased elderly neighbor used to use the service all the time. His disability — he needed to use a cane to get around. Or did
        he ?? Not when he was doing yard work ))

        It’s not exactly free: a one way trip costs four bucks. BUT … you can bring along a “personal care assistant” who rides for free

        And the trip does *not* have to be medically-related. They will pick you up at your door and take you anywhere that is within ¾ of a mile from a regular RIPTA bus route. Which is pretty much the entire State

        So you & your wife can go from Woonsocket to Newport & back for $8 — total !! It costs more than that to park there not to mention the bridge tolls

        You see these ‘RIde’ vans all over. But if there isn’t one scheduled to be near where you are that day, they will sent a private ‘vouchered’ taxicab to transport you

        All of this courtesy of us poor taxpayers. Yer fricken WELCOME! ,, “disabled” people !!!

  • Tommy Cranston

    Expanded Medicaid, continuous remortgaging of state debt and welcoming policies for illegal aliens and sodomites-there’s the keys to economic growth under St. Gina.
    Welcome to the Jungle.

    • Tommy Cranston

      Should add all day kindergarten and “pre-K”, better known as free babysitting, to the list.

    • Warrington Faust

      Sodomites, hadn’t heard that one in a while. Had to smile,it reminded me of a Churchill quote that the “Naval Tradition” was based on “rum, sodomy and the lash”.

  • Terry Gorman

    Goes hand in hand with R I the SANCTUARY state.

  • William B. Palazzo

    Really? Gee… Whata Big Surprise.