RI Drives Out a Town’s Worth of People Per Year


The RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity has released the 2017 iteration of the Family Prosperity Index (FPI) for Rhode Island.  The Ocean State moved up a little, from 48th in the country to 45th.  Woohoo!

To bring the study to a point, the Center put together a chart showing that, starting in 2004, Rhode Island nearly lost a town’s worth of people every year through 2015 (the latest available at the time it was compiled) every year.  Imagine everybody in your town… gone.



(Note that the finding is essentially confirmed with an alternative data set from the IRS, showing taxpayers and their exemptions, except that one would have to switch out one of the larger towns on this chart for New Shoreham.)

  • Raymond Carter

    No worry. They are mostly being replaced by illegal aliens, welfare bums and young, clueless leftist hipsters. A sure recipe for prosperity!