Ruggerio Loses Pro-Life Endorsement


Perhaps one of the most well-established ploys in Rhode Island politics is that all legislative decisions ultimately pass through each chamber’s leader while the House Speaker and Senate President maintain the right to claim they simply allow our representatives and senators to vote their conscience when they wind up having to back a politically uncomfortable  position.

Such was the case when supposedly pro-life Senate President Dominick Ruggerio (D, North Providence, Providence) not only allowed a vote to go to the floor of his chamber, but oversaw legislative tricks like moving the bill from a committee that was likely to block it to one that wasn’t.

The bottom line: As unhealthy as this process may be, if our legislative leaders are going to enjoy power as the single points of approval for legislation, they have to be accountable for the bills they allow to go forward.  An email last week from Rhode Island Right to Life follows that principle.  The group’s director, Barth Bracy, writes:

The endorsement page to which we linked on Tuesday initially contained an erroneous endorsement, which we promptly corrected when it was brought to our attention. Specifically, when I copied and pasted our list of endorsed incumbents from 2018, I forgot to remove the listing for Dominick J Ruggerio (D) – North Providence, Providence, who, of course, you will recall as the Senate President who monstrously betrayed us last year, repeatedly moving the goalposts, contorting senate rules, and using all the powers of his office to push Planned Parenthood’s extreme abortion bill to the floor of the senate for a vote even after we had repeatedly blocked it in committee. Sadly, this leaves no pro-life option in Senate District 4, other than to write-in the name of an acceptable individual.

How much difference this will make in a state where progressives are surging and our entire system of government appears designed to rig elections remains to be seen.  In a state as far gone as Rhode Island, however, clarity is critical.

  • Joe Smith

    How much difference — uhh, is that rhetorical question?

    Seriously, the guy has a DUI and gets re-elected. Cross over and vote for the more progressive guy? It was a meaningless vote (perhaps symbolic yes) in the end; if Roe ever got overturned (good luck with that), the RI legislature would have passed something similar and wasn’t the line abortion was already “codified” in state law?

    So, the GOP should either (1) tell its voter to cross over a vote in all the progressives so the state implodes and finally voters might look at an alternative or (2) get behind one issue like the Alabama GOP did to overturn 136 years of Dem control (in Alabama’s case it was ethics reform) — and abortion in RI isn’t that issue.

    Since the GOP has no weight in the GA, start with influencing the one election it might – 2022 Gov. Don’t run a candidate and tell all the GOP to cross over and vote McKee and run a serious candidate for Lt Gov.

  • Lou

    The readers would like some support for your accusation that “entire system of government appears designed to rig elections”. Should you clarify that statement to be for elections for which you do not like the result?

  • ShannonEntropy

    Abortion rights are overwhelmingly supported by Rhodent voters, by more than 70% in fact

    So Ruggerio is more likely to brag about losing the pro-life endorsement than he is to try to hide it

    • Joe Smith

      Exactly Shannon..Ruggerio could have stopped it when it died in the first committee He and Nicky wanted to let it go forward to stem the progressive criticisms while hiding behind their individual positions.