Scheming to Go After Congressmen… No Need in RI


Those subsisting on a diet of local news in the Northeast might believe it’s crazy to think the “resistance” isn’t grassroots and that Obama is behind much of the organizing should expand their reading horizons. Here’s Debra Heine, writing on PJMedia:

Leaked audio from a recent “Indivisible” group meeting sheds light on how the anti-Trump activists manufacture hostile environments at Republican town halls.

The audio, obtained by radio station KPEL out of Lafayette, La., features the Indivisible activists plotting to create the false impression that Republican Sen. Bill Cassidy’s support for President Trump is unpopular with his constituents. …

If Indivisible — which recently partnered up with Obama’s “Organizing for Action” — is trying to model itself off of the TEA Party — they’re doing it wrong.

Of course, things are skewed in Rhode Island.  Here, a bakers dozen of Indivisible activists get a private meeting with Democrat Congressman Jim Langevin’s chief of staff and partly spend their time thanking the congressman.

  • Mike678

    The organization piece is important, but both sides organize (though the winning side has less incentive to get out and protest). Even more important is the false message that these organizers spread to whip up their base. I have donated to Dems in the past that I have seen as more rational than emotional–people that see a picture bigger than themselves. These donations get me on their e-mail list. The recent messages I get from the left–the vast majority–are twisted facts that make the overall message a lie. Their movement is, in general, based on misinformation and lies.

    The only thing that keeps there limited success going is the paid core of activists and a biased, supportive media. If the media starts to actually report facts and becomes less one-sided, the Dem party (nationally) will be exposed for what they are and continue to implode.