Scoffing at Trump for his Ethical Approach


I’ve seen variations of this comment, captured here in a Wall Street Journal article by Jess Bravin, in multiple places:

“If Trump is hoping that Judge Gorsuch will be a rubber stamp for the Trump administration, he is woefully misguided,” said former clerk Jason Murray, a Denver attorney who later clerked for Justice Elena Kagan.

The president’s expressed preference for pulling back restrictions on church leaders’ ability to make political statements has raised similarly cynical responses.  In a tweet that flitted through my stream, somebody suggested that Trump should be careful what he wishes for because many churches would use their new latitude against him.

As such thoughts pile up, even people who dislike President Trump should start asking themselves how many actions he has to take that could arguably constrain him politically in the future before they reevaluate their assumptions.  I’m not saying that this is my solid assessment, right now, but maybe Trump is doing things that he believes are right (or perhaps that some among his allies believe are right) without regard to their political consequence for him.

Somehow, I suspect we learn more about the people who make such comments (and the media that promotes them) than we do about President Trump when they scoff at his actions because they think he doesn’t realize the political implications.  They seem to be implying that they, themselves, would not do the right thing if it looked likely to have political ramifications for them.

  • Rhett Hardwick

    Trump is keeping faith with the electorate. How many other politicians can be accused of that. Why assume he wants a second term.

    • Max

      Let’s hope the anti-Trump hysteria dies down over time and he learns to ignore the noise and do his job. It’s pretty obvious the left is on a full court press. The question remains if Trump will realize it’s just a distraction. If he’s a real ‘do what’s right’ President, he may almost certainly be relegated to one term. I have little faith in the partisanship if either side in this country.