Self-Discipline and a Right to Consider Data for Our Children’s Schools


Here’s an interesting finding from the Thomas B. Fordham Institute:

  1. Students in Catholic schools are less likely to act out or be disruptive than those in other private schools or in public schools. According to their teachers, Catholic school children argued, fought, got angry, acted impulsively, and disturbed ongoing activities less frequently.
  2. Students in Catholic schools exhibit more self-control than those in other private schools or public schools. Specifically, they were more likely to control their temper, respect others’ property, accept their fellow students’ ideas, and handle peer pressure.
  3. Regardless of demographics, students in Catholic schools exhibit more self-discipline than students in public schools and other private schools. Thus, there is at least some evidence that attending Catholic school may benefit all sorts of children.

Of course, I’m predisposed to find this encouraging, not only for personal reasons because it affirms that something is nowadays missing from secular education and society.  But even if we can write off the results of this study for some reason, that a credible study does find evidence for the conclusion is important.  It indicates that families are rational to want access to different types of schools, given their specific circumstances, and should have increased ability to make those decisions.

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  • Censored again by Justin

    Did the Thomas B. Fordham Institute also look at the data for similar Muslim schools? I know you haven’t commented on those schools using your vouchers in the past, but don’t you think taxpayer deserve to know all the facts?