Selling Cars with Classism in a Dress


If the Super Bowl commercial for Audi cars caught your attention (in a good or bad way), be sure to read Jack Baruth’s  frame-by-frame analysis of the commercial:

After watching the one-minute advertisement carefully, however, I understood feminism, or equal pay, is the last thing Audi wants you to take away from it. The message is far subtler, and more powerful, than the dull recitation of the pseudo-progressive catechism droning on in the background. This spot is visual — and as you’ll see below, you can’t understand it until you watch it and see what it’s really telling you.

Let me tell you up front: chances are you won’t like what Audi has to say.

Basically, the commercial is about wealthy whites dominating working-class whites in all ways, including their virtue signaling. So, it’s pretty much an articulation of liberalism in a sixty seconds.

  • Rhett Hardwick

    Didn’t watch the Super Bowl, but know this. Audi is simply appealing to it’s base. I remember a few years ago when an acquaintance was looking for a condo. His method was driving through the parking lots. If he saw too many American cars, he just kept going. “You know who drives those”.
    Some truth. I have upper middle class tenants. When I look over the parking lot I see one Jeep, and one Ford SUV. The rest, you guessed it. But not that many Audi’s (I have one but it is a 1983))