Sheldon Whitehouse, Man of the People


Here’s another interesting item that Dan McGowan found for Nesi’s Notes this weekend:

So what did Senator Whitehouse think of his big dinner with Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump earlier this month? “They live well,” Whitehouse told reporters this week. “Really big house. Very fancy food.”

Ah, yes.  Sheldon Whitehouse, man of the people, with his $535,000 annual income and  $2.7 million Newport mansion.

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I’ve heard it said that there is no class difference so confounding as that between the rich and extremely rich.  The appropriate response of the rest of us, though, should probably be to laugh at them all… and insist that they implement policies that empower us to take their money through commerce and competition, not government redistribution that buys them a dependent underclass.

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  • Mike678

    Given his limits, perhaps he could only focus on what he values…. a big house and good food.

  • Merle The Monster

    When I read the Providence Journal online I have noticed this trend. Mere mention of the junior Senator elicits a Pavlovian response among the regulars in the comments section. Scorn ,anger, and ridicule are hurled at the Senator. His wealth, his political party affiliation, and oddly his last name are all fair game. There seems to be no end to the childish attempts to change the spelling of Whitehouse to make some kind of point or simply to insult. Rep. Cicilline also receives the same treatment but I think he is a distant second.
    At least in this and other posts by this author, making fun of the Senators last name is not included.