Sleazy Raimondo Political Pitches to Under-Prepared Students Continue


Democrat Governor Gina Raimondo brought her gross pitching-politics-to-public-schoolers road show to Johnston Senior High School this week:

Gov. Gina Raimondo is out on the campaign trail, taking her pitch to high schools.

“You go from kindergarten to twelfth grade with public education. Why should it stop at twelfth grade?” Raimondo asked an auditorium of students at Johnston High School on Tuesday.

Afterward, she told reporters it is indeed a campaign to rally support for her plan to offer two free years of college tuition to Rhode Island high school graduates.

One wonders whether she believes it’s a positive or negative that the school has left her audience poorly equipped to assess the wisdom of her proposal.  More than 82% of Johnston Senior High School students are not proficient in math, and two-thirds miss the mark in reading.

Sadly, it isn’t clear that Rhode Island adults are very proficient in government ethics and simple good political taste.  Whether or not the governor’s political visits to government-run schools violate any campaign finance or ethics laws, this whole campaign is just unseemly.  The governor is using public schools to lobby our children on a politically charged policy proposal.  Just… yuck.

Shame on the school districts for allowing her to take advantage of their access like this, and shame on the parents for taking the abuse quietly.

  • Rhett Hardwick

    IIRC, California offered free college tuition in the 60’s, and 70’s, inspiring many “students” to move to California.

  • Raymond Carter

    It would make more sense if the freebie only applied to junior/senior years and NO remedial classes period.

  • Mike678

    Free? Are the Colleges not charging tuition? Perhaps a more accurate term is taxpayer funded…

    Then again, perhaps the Gov feels guilty for the poor education many in RI get. Thus is really using tax dollars for the first two college years as remedial training.