Smith Hill Leaders Backtracking on Even Partial Toll Relief for Truckers


Well, well, what a shock. Governor Raimondo and Speaker Mattiello are backing away from even partial relief for in-state trucks from the onerous burden of tolls.

“I don’t know if there will be assistance for truckers per se, but certainly in the process of doing [truck tolls] we heard from a lot of truckers,” Governor Raimondo said Tuesday in a lunch briefing with reporters. “They have unbelievable turnover in the industry. It is expensive to train people. We are listening to people and if there is something we can do we are open to it.”

Pressed about whether direct financial assistance is still the focus of efforts to help the industry, Raimondo said, “I am not sure.”

  • Bill Corcoran

    Is there something crazy about setting up tolls and then thinking about direct financial assistance to the trucking industry? “If there is something we can do we are open to it”. Really? How about no tolls?