Socialism Sends Venezuelans into Polluted Water


  • guest

    Have you seen what the President wants to do to the EPA?

    • Rhett Hardwick

      I don’t see anything unusual here. Spent some of my youth in a “factory town” where a polluted river flowed past several jewelry factories. In those $40.00 an ounce days, workers would toss items that they had worked improperly out the window into the river rather than accept responsibility. We would don our waders and scour the river for gold; we scored often enough. Years later, while living in NYC, I read an article in the Times about a worker who had flushed enough gold down a toilet to stop up a drain in that factory.
      Another factory would toss out dime sized “slugs” mixed with God knows what. In the days of “pay phones” we would also retrieve these; they worked effectively as “dimes”.

      All these years later, there are still people who scour that river.

    • Mike678

      Relevance, troll?