Some Pointers for Whitehouse


Retired economics professor Dennis Sheehan had some excellent advice for Democrat U.S. Senator from Rhode Island Sheldon Whitehouse in a recent Newport Daily News:

In that spirit, let me offer Sen. Whitehouse some new ideas. First, stop calling people names. Reading the senator’s speeches, it is all too easy to find people referred to as “thugs,” “liars,” “flunkies,” and “stooges.” He has said “The fossil fuel industry, on the other hand, is neither honest nor decent.” Accusations like this make for good political theater – which might be the senator’s real purpose – but they don’t make for good discussions.

Second, end the hyperbole. As an example, in the Roll Call article, Sen. Whitehouse claims that “he sees weekly full-page ads in his local paper for services to protect homes from rising seas.” If the senator’s local paper is The Daily News, I have to say that I have never seen weekly full-page ads for such services. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration prediction for Newport of a rise of 0.9 feet over 100 years might explain the lack of ads.

Third, rethink the “fossil fuel industry controls everyone” idea. …

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One suspects Professor Sheehan is correct that political theater is more the Senator’s objective than actual action, which explains why he would persist with his hundreds of “Wake Up” speeches despite finding that they have little practical effect.

  • Christopher C. Reed

    With any luck, the Hon. andropausal Senator will be posted as our ambassador to Caracas in the forthcoming Fauxcahontas administration.

  • BasicCaruso

    Gasp! Oil soaked RICFP agrees Senator Whitehouse should shut up? What a surprise… ka-ching!


    “Harsher winters and rising seas: Study finds slowing ocean could mean climate extremes”
    A new study in the journal Nature finds that ocean currents in the Atlantic are slowing — and that would spell trouble for the East Coast and other areas.

  • williamfhoran

    Mark Z. Jacobson’s 100% Renewables (100% WWS) Roadmap to …
    Video for road map to nowhere▶ 24:00
    Jan 6, 2018 – Uploaded by gordonmcdowell
    Mark Z. Jacobson’s 100% Renewables (100% WWS) Roadmap to Nowhere by Conley & Maloney @ TEAC8 …

  • williamfhoran

    Knowledgeable rational man has never transitioned to energy sources that are more costly, less reliable, and have a larger environmental footprint than the legacy — and yet that’s precisely what adding large amounts of biomass, solar and wind to the grid requires. The mixed system would lock in Big Oil & require large amounts of solar and wind and thus far more power plants, transmission lines, and everything else required to provide reliable electricity.
    Selection to low energy density solar and wind requires the costly time consuming rematerialization of energy in the form of more land, materials, mining, storage, and waste.

    solar and wind advocates suggest that batteries will play the role of fossil fuels and prevent that from happening, but consider the calculations and this is false.

    “Natural gas is the perfect partner for renewables,” proclaims an advertisement currently being run by Norwegian oil and gas giant.
    “No sun, no wind, no problem,” says Shell Natural Gas. “See why #natgas is a natural partner for renewable power sources.”
    “Committed to solar,” boasts the headline of an advertisement run by the French oil and gas company.
    The understanding that solar and wind are committing us to fossil fuels is no longer limited to energy experts.
    What he’s threatened by — and with good reason — is nuclear power.
    The self serving erroneous infomercial “It’s Dangerous for Humanity.”

    R.I. selects Deepwater Wind to build 400-megawatt offshore wind farm
    PROVIDENCE, R.I. — The state has selected Deepwater Wind, the Providence company that built the nation’s first offshore wind farm=