Stagnant Job Growth Combines with Shift to Lower Pay


  • Guest

    So what’s your plan, Rep. Morgan? You’ve been in the House longer than the Governor’s been office. Shouldn’t you shoulder some of the responsibility for the “disappointing” job creation? Good luck in the election, you will need it.

    • stuckinRI

      Ha ha, you troll.
      So a Republican in the Rhode Island GA “should shoulder some of the responsibility” for bad job numbers in RI ??
      Trolls like you are one of the most disappointing aspects of comment sections like this.

      • Mike678

        Spot on…..

        • Guest

          It’s funny, we didn’t hear a peep from you people when the unemployment numbers were in double digits under the Carcieri administration. Nor did Justin have to make up his own numbers. Oh well, Don’s judgement worked out pretty well for the state with regard to Curt Schilling, no?