Stop Putting Half Our Eggs in the Federal Basket


Hey, here’s a thought: Maybe the State of Rhode Island should stop acting like a subsidiary of the federal government and start acting like a sovereign state that thrives when its people thrive.  If this isn’t a wake-up call, I don’t know what could be:

While other states – including Mississippi, Louisiana, Tennessee, Montana and Kentucky – are more federal aid-heavy than Rhode Island, a newly-released analysis by the nonpartisan Tax Foundation, of 2014 census data, found Rhode Island 16th highest in the nation in terms of how much of its budget is financed by federal dollars. In that year, 34.7 percent.

Anyone worried? The answer: You betcha. But some more openly worried than others.

In large part, this is the government plantation, but it’s also indicative of the government’s crowding out the private sector as an economic competitor, too.

Any wise investor upon having a scare with a particular stock would figure out the importance of diversifying.  It’s time for Rhode Islanders to stop relying more on government as an economic driver and start relying on each other.

And don’t let fear of President Trump specifically be the end of your consideration of the matter.  Think about how vulnerable to real tyranny it makes us that our supposed leaders apparently have to make decisions about governance in order to keep the money flowing.  Everything else, from culture to global warfare, could easily take a back seat to that bottom line.

As individuals, families, and a state, being dependent makes us weak and vulnerable.

  • Raymond Carter

    Illuminating to read of the non-tragic death of a FANG tree hugger called
    Mark Baumer while idiotically attempting to walk across the country barefoot to…well who knows what deranged reason.
    The kicker though, in the Daily Mail article you can find free online is that this loser’s nonsensical fatal journey “Baumer was able to fund his trip when he won a $5,000 poetry fellowship
    through the state of Rhode Island to work on a creative project.”
    That’s right suckers; as Jim Hummel says-“You Paid For It”.