Targeted Tax Breaks Work for Elected Officials But Not Necessarily for Economy or Us


In GoLocalProv yesterday, Pam Gencarella outlined all of the flaws with TSA’s and other targeted tax incentives, starting with the fact that they seem to buy friends for elected officials at our expense.

Isn’t that what RI government is doing every time it provides a tax credit or a tax stabilization agreement, or designates an area as an enterprise zone? Sure, we might keep a business here or we might attract a new business there (although the languishing I-195 land indicates otherwise) but does that help improve RI’s economy?

  • oceanstater

    A current example is Citizens Bank getting a “tax stabilization agreement” plus public and Bay Commission ratepayer money for sewer extensions and a new interchange on I-295 to shift jobs from East Providence, Cranston, and Providence to a newe fascilty to be built on mostly open space in Johnston. So this is bad for the environment too, and RIDOT has indicated that they may build the new interchange without opportunity for public comment (at a TIP amendment for example) and environmental review as they may do it without using Federal money. So I think we are also victims of government acting without public oversight.