That’s the Final Straw Hops


This is going too far, and if it isn’t stopped, 2016 may not only be the year I buy a gun, but also the year I start distributing pitchforks:

FDA busybodies will mandate by next December that restaurant chains offer full nutritional information for beers on tap — everything from calorie counts to protein content. The rule forces breweries to do expensive tests to keep their suds flowing at places like Applebee’s or TGI Friday’s. …

Such lab work costs more than $600 per brew and takes weeks. Big manufacturers like Bud can absorb the expense and delays, but [New York City’s] 30 small craft brewers will be hit hard.

Many of these local artisanal brewers make dozens of different styles of beer, many of them seasonal — and each variety would require the costly, time-consuming analysis. Other Half Brewing in Brooklyn, for example, lists 42 brews on its Web site.

When I was younger, the understanding was that all the cool kids and rock stars were liberal because conservatives were all about preventing you from finding pleasure and enjoyment in life.  (Clearly, sometimes the most patently idiotic propaganda is the most effective.)

News flash for all you liberal beer drinkers (wasn’t “Drink Liberally” a thing around here, recently?):  It ain’t conservatives who think you need protection from yourself when it comes to experimenting with differently flavored ales, lagers, and stouts put out by small companies that mostly want to make ends meet while producing products that they, themselves, enjoy.

For crying out loud.  We didn’t even get the intermediate step of forcing bars to post signage reading “drink at your own risk.”

  • Rhett Hardwick

    “When I was younger, the understanding was that all the cool kids and rock stars were liberal”
    If you are not a liberal when you are young, you have no heart; etc. etc.
    Besides, you wanted to sit with the cool kids at lunch.

    Get your gun soon. Supply and demand is driving prices higher.