The Amazon Plantations in Visual Representation


New images released of a Providence-based proposal for an Amazon headquarters reflect my warning that the company would dominate the priorities of state government, which would, in turn, become essentially an intermediary between we the people and the company.


Patrick Anderson’s Providence Journal article on the proposal doesn’t do anything to moderate the impression:

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In addition to a series of towers on what are now empty development parcels around the Providence train station, the new rendering also envisions high rises north of the State House on acreage that currently features at least three state office buildings and a handful of private commercial structures. …

“The renderings are an illustrative concept for Amazon should they want or desire a very close proximity to the train station,” said Commerce Corporation Spokesman Matt Sheaff. “The first phase of any potential development would be an empty parcel. The rest of the rendering is an example or concept of what it could look like and a starting point for our conversation.”

If Amazon picks Rhode Island, in other words, what Amazon wants, Amazon will get.  One suspects uprooting government offices next to the State House would merely be a physical representation of that reality.