The Big Apple’s Progressive Lesson


Let’s be honest, New York City has not been a bastion of conservative policies, at least in my lifetime, and its previous mayor, Michael Bloomberg, was progressive even as a Republican.  News of the Big Apple’s rapid deterioration under overtly progressive mayor Bill de Blasio, however, has been coming in from all directions.

The latest is from Myron Magnet, in City Journal, which ends with the following advice that Rhode Islanders should take to heart for their own government:

Listen, Mayor: the first job of government is to keep the people safe in their homes and in the streets. If you can’t do that as a municipal chief executive, you are a flop. Equality is not the job of government, unless you are a Communist, in which case equality usually comes at the barrel of a gun or the end of a noose. And voters of New York, please learn this lesson too, despite your attachment to FDR and the New Deal or your seductive professor of race-class-and-gender studies at Brown or Wesleyan. New York needs a realistic mayor. We don’t have one.

  • Mike678

    But isn’t this the history of self-centered, short-sighted human beings? Across the nation, conservatives (better name: realists) are being elected to fix states, cities and towns that have fiscally self-destructed under more idealistic (putting it delicately) leadership. New York got Giuliani after the liberal disaster before him. But once the new sheriff cleans up the town and things start to get better, the lemmings vote the libs back in–and the cycle continues….

  • ShannonEntropy

    Mike ,,

    Our State gum·mint is not exactly like a “pendulum”

    It is more like THIS =►