The Caroling of the Tolls


Christmas has come and gone.  The next holiday is New Year’s Day (and what a chilling prospect 2016 is).  Following that, of course, is the start of the legislative session, and Pam Gencarella has some rhyming thoughts on one topic:

’Twas the night before session,
And all through the House,
Most Reps weren’t complaining,
Not even a grouse.

The toll plan was passed,
In the Senate last year.
Will the Reps be opposed,
Will they even care? …

The big picture’s important –
Economic goals
Best to dash away, dash away
Any thought of tolls.

Perhaps an adaptation for the intervening holiday between now and the session is in order:  Let tolling instincts be forgot and never brought to mind.  Let tolling instincts be forgot and PayGo plans designed.

  • Winter Solstice

    Kudos to Ms. Gencarella for her apropos and well-written “Twas the night before session.” Thank goodness for online sites like Go Local Prov and The Anchor-Current.