The Choice After the Memo


Roger Simon asks a good question with a PJMedia piece titled, “Why Did the Democrats Lie So Baldly about the Memo“?

It seems this particular lie was a last line of defense — for now — against a coming potential Armageddon for their party.  This memo, bad as it is, is apparently only the first of many, a small percentage of what is to come. And the Democrats know it.

Fear is operative. Maybe panic. An entire weltanschauung is under threat — jobs, friends, self-image, who knows what. If this goes on much longer and much more comes out, some Democrats -—not apparatchik Schiff, needless to say, but others — might have to face reality and say something. A few journalists (not at CNN, but maybe someplace else) might have to report the truth. It happened with Watergate. Republicans turned against Nixon. But, of course, they’re “the stupid party.”

Obviously, we don’t know where all this is going, but I have to say I’ve found the anti-Trump response a little too predictably incredulous.  Nobody is immune to bias, naturally, but it seems to me that behaving as if there is nothing disturbing in this memo proves an unwillingness to see something that contradicts one’s beliefs or one’s political imperative.

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And, by the way, the other side in this equivalence is not that there is proof of illegal collusion on the part of the Trump campaign, but that the Trump campaign was full of political amateurs whose skewed standards for assessing value in others made them vulnerable to unsavory characters and prone to mistakes.  In short, they were outsiders who weren’t schooled in the distinctions of boundaries in government and every other area of life.

The hysterics and see-no-evil attitude dismissing this memo suggest that those opposing President Trump understand all too well those distinctions. First, they attempted to violate them and hide it.  Now, they are panicked about how obvious it is.

Suspicion of that very sense of entitlement is what created such distrust that the people went so far as to elect Donald Trump as president.  Increasingly, the two ways out appear to be to clean the corruption up or for the corruptocrats to regain power and amplify their abuse of power.

The first is better, even if it means tolerating a boorish executive.

  • Mario

    Talk about a predictable response. I’m tired of arguing with people pretending to be stupid, but I do like the touch where surrounding yourself with idiots is a blanket excuse for the crimes they commit on your behalf. Much like how hiring people the FBI is watching for their connections to Russia inoculates you against any investigation into that very problem.

  • Mike678

    Hyper partisanship aside, it is probably best to let this play out in the courts. Everyone has an opinion, and few are fully informed.