The Dark Humor of North Providence Little League Sponsorships

Let’s start Thursday on a lightish note.  Is it me or does news about the North Providence West Little League read like some sort of Rhode Island–specific Abbot and Costello routine?  From the Valley Breeze:

Senator Ciccone and FOP-13 NPPD [Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 13, North Providence Police Department] earned a share of the North Providence West Little League’s Major Division regular-season championship by capturing their respective finales at Romano Field and concluding their schedules with 14-2 records.

On Monday night, Senator Ciccone posted a 9-0 triumph over Christiansen’s Fine Milk that was the ballclub’s fourth straight victory. Nathan Bautista pitched a superb one-hit shutout that saw him strike out 13 batters and Mazeo DiScullio led the offense with three hits and as many runs scored.

FOP-13, meanwhile, will head into the postseason with an eight-game win streak, thanks to its 12-5 victory over Mayor Lombardi last Wednesday night. Ethan Leveillee delivered the game’s biggest hit, a grand slam home run over the left-field fence.

It’s possible I just don’t remember something, but I can’t recall any labor unions sponsoring teams when I played Little League years ago in New Jersey and definitely not any politicians.  The latter seems flatly inappropriate.  Politicians aren’t promoting a product in the same way private businesses are, and to politicize children’s athletics in this way is wrong.

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That said, it is inarguably appropriate, symbolically, for Rhode Island teams named after politicians and labor unions to be “triumphing” over those sponsored by the private businesses that move our economy forward.

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