The Draw of Political Violence


The Democrat Congress produced a sham impeachment of President Trump the day after the “secretive court that approves sensitive surveillance issued a rare public rebuke of the FBI on Tuesday, saying the bureau misled the Justice Department and the court when it sought permission to wiretap a former Trump campaign aide.”  Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi had to shush her members to stop their shouts of glee at what they had done, thus cheering away any pretense that this was anything other than a political stunt.

A somber moment of answering the call of history to preserve the nation?  Ha!  Anybody who has watched this travesty play out over three years has known since the last election that this was coming.  This is not evidence of the competence of the speaker, as some want to see it.  Had she failed to answer the three-year-old calls of her rabid base for this moment, it would have been a political disaster.  And having failed to use her power responsibly, it is now a moral failure.

A bad situation for her and dangerous times for all of us.

Also yesterday, the Providence Journal gave this headline to an AP article, “MMA fighter says victory over Trump supporter was for the ‘entire world’”:

Kamaru Usman sent a bloodied, bleary Colby Covington spiraling to the ground for the second time. Usman then leaped on him and went to work on Covington’s badly injured face, battering his dazed opponent with hammer fists until the referee mercifully intervened.

Although he had to wait until the final minute, Usman settled his very personal feud with his sharply divisive challenger in perhaps the most satisfying way possible.

“This one is not just for me,” Usman said. “This is for the whole entire world right now.”

The article goes on to explain that antipathy toward Covington is much more about him, personally, than about the President of the United States.  That puts a spotlight on the irresponsible decision of the press to play up a political angle.  They are encouraging violence.

It is unfortunate, in that context, that the last name of the “Trump supporter” is the same as the high school whose Trump-supporting students became the target of a national two minutes of hate, last year.  The coincidence of these names gives the impression of a divine author who is making His connections almost too obvious.  Shame on us if we can’t figure out the lesson.

  • bagida’wewinini

    “Shame on us if we can’t figure out the lesson”

    This is the only sentence I can agree with you on. And in our totally politicized times your sentence can mean whatever the reader interprets it to mean. We, in our nation , cannot agree on what is true or what is untrue. It seems as though we cannot even agree on language and spellings Case in point is your refusal to accurately spell the name of a major political party in the United States of America. It is not the Democrat party and you know that. Weaponizing words is a political act and unworthy of thinking sentient beings. I use to think that you were above this sort of thing, but apparently I was mistaken. I use to think that your posts , although sometimes murky , displayed an attempt to reach higher than slogan and deeper than boilerplate partisan talking points, but I guess I was wrong there too. Your use of an extensive vocabulary to make your points was what has kept me interested in reading your offerings, but no more. In your first sentence you used a word that I am sure has been tested and it’s use has been suggested and I’m am
    appalled that you have fallen this far. Why don’t you add an “e” to the end of the word “sham” and that is what you should be feeling.

    • Justin Katz

      I just have a real problem describing as “democratic” a political party that focuses on shutting people out of the public square, limiting our civil rights, and implementing socialism. But this has been my practice for a number years. Other than that, I can only laugh at your objection to “weaponizing words.” Do you not want conservatives using the tools your progressive friends wield freely?

      But come on. How old is the phrase, “the pen is mightier than the sword”? Your objection is hollow.